Punks Talk: Snax

“Punks are the substrate that the whole NFT movement rests on top of.”

Meet Snax, the Dread Pizza Roberts from PizzaDAO, a fellow CryptoPunk Holder who met us in a colorful, bustling hipster cafe for Punks Brunch Singapore.

Buying Snax’s First Punks

Snax was happy to snag a CryptoPunk thanks to visiting a “rare af” auction in New York in January 2018, where he saw everyone in NFT speak including Matt and John from Larva Labs.

He then went home and bought 12-13 Punks for US$100 each. (His first punk was a mohawk with a vape).

As for what Punks mean to him, Snax believes that “being a Punk holder is being a leader in the space. So many of the projects that exist were built by Punks.” To him, “the best reason to buy a Punk is because you’re building.”

Always Building

According to Snax, Punk holders have always been building since 2018, huddled in Discord all the way till the bull market finally hit. Snax recalls the Punk community being there the whole time, “just chatting about what they wanted to see in the space.”

Because of Punks “always building,” it’s no surprise that the current space has been built on top of Punks. This is why Snax believes, “Punks are the substrate that the whole NFT movement rests on top of.”

Snax uses a thoughtful analogy, “People think that kings and queens have shaped reality, but it’s actually pirates that have put those kings and queens into place. Pirates used to know where all the material resources on earth were; CryptoPunks are the modern pirates. The old pirates knew where the material resources were, we know where the human resources are. And humans are what matter.”

Truer words have never been spoken.