Punks Talk: Anas

“Something about the Punks brunch just makes it easier,”

Anas, also known as ananasbrb and one of the co-founders of ArtsDAO, meets us bright and early at Punks Brunch Singapore, one of the Token2049’s side events.

Despite the morning timeslot, Anas feels a strong sense of warmth the moment he steps in the door.

“Because we’re all kind of united by this shared ownership of this project, when I meet someone I extend my hand, there’s that welcomeness that I don’t feel elsewhere. Punks are really the most incredible community in web3 that there is.”

A Punk representing a DAO

Speaking of community, Anas explains the story behind ArtsDAO, a private members club for leading web3 collectors and builders in the Middle East.

The DAO’s goals? To own every major NFT out there, build a brand for web3, but also do everything they can to bring web3 to the Middle East.

For starters, Anas showcases the Punk they bought for ArtsDAO, where anyone at ArtsDAO can use it as a profile picture; but personally, Anas has been using the purchased Punk to represent the greater Punk community.

Anas recalls that when ArtsDAO picked up the Punk, they chose this specifically as the Punk represented a movement around how identity and art are changing online, and “how it was a counterculture movement in different ways, in some ways representing a movement against traditional finance” by creating the DeFi community.

Intellectual Builders and Collectors

Anas loves being part of the Punks community, as “everyone [he meets] here tends to have an intellectual discussion around art, NFTs, crypto, web3, AI,” which is very distinct from the other communities Anas has been a part of. Everyone in the Punks community has a strong intellectual bias that Anas is a big fan of.

As for what kind of people are Punk holders? Anas notices that most Punk holders are “building or collecting something extraordinary.” For example, Anas met a Punk today that is delivering art as an auction house in Geneva. Another Punk, he states, is managing 2 different funds, investing in infrastructure, web3 and NFTs.

“You dont tend to meet these type of folks in other communities, and so it’s an honor to be part of this.”

Well said Anas, well said.