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Punks Are Different: Stories and Highlights From Global Punk Brunch Events

Introducing a new series celebrating the CryptoPunks community and the innovations this NFT project has helped spurred since it first launched in June 2017.

In a relatively bleak economic year filled with fear, ponzis, and rugpulls, we wanted to celebrate an outlier that has not only withstood the test of time since its initial craze, but has also continued to evolve as a thriving art collection in today’s economy.

Punks are bold. Punks are builders. Punks are tastemakers. Punks are OG.

Presenting “Punks Are Different” — a series of videos and content featuring stories of fellow CryptoPunk holders, top milestones celebrated in the CryptoPunk community, as well as a deep dive in understanding how the Cryptopunks community has continued to thrive and grow globally.

Why Are Punks Different?

CryptoPunks was one of the first collections that started the NFT craze, creating only 10,000 of its kind to ever exist, the earliest NFT projects that existed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Today, CryptoPunks have stood the test of time as an asset class, still ranking to be one of 2023’s Top PFP Collections by USD market cap — sitting at over $1B USD.

How Are Punks Different?

Now, just because Punks were the first movers, does not make them automatically resilient.

Punks continue to remain different due to their active, artistic, and entrepreneurial community.

Just take popular CryptoPunk holder, Beeple, who literally “airdropped” his own collection of PaperPunks this year, signing them off to lucky Punk holders who attended the event.

Not to mention, aside from Beeple creating a Punk wallpaper down in Charleston, you also had Avant Arte created a 10,000 On-Chain limited print piece paired with a Punk On-Chain that can exist as a multi-print.

While these are but two examples, a lot of CryptoPunk holders are web3 founders, angel investors, and driven individuals who are inspired to continue to create more in the space.

Even CryptoPunk creators, John Watkinson and Matt Hall, didn’t just stop at creating CryptoPunks as their only collection, but also released Autoglyphs, the first “on-chain” generative art on the Ethereum blockchain.

Punks just never stop creating.

Where Do Punks Gather?

While non-Punk holders may think all Punk holders just gather via Discord or Telegram, the wider Punk community has hosted several Punk Brunches in different locations throughout the year, with the final Punks Brunch held during Art Basel in Miami.

While mostly held in the US, Punks Brunches were also held globally, namely in Amsterdam, Seoul and Singapore to name a few.

What’s next, Punks?

As this is the first post of our Punks Are Different series, stay tuned for the upcoming interviews and highlights we’ll be releasing on our blog and our social channels (X, DeBank, Discord).

For now, stay tuned as we feature the likes of Spencer, Snax, and Maxwell in our videos.

Onwards! 🫡