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Blast Gold Distribution

The moment has finally arrived! MetaStreet is ready to distribute Blast Gold from the first stage of our Blast campaign. Here’s a quick summary.

  • Our first snapshot ran from March 1, 12AM UTC and ended on March 31, 11:59PM UTC.
  • MetaStreet received 103,949 Blast Gold, and will be distributing 31,184.7 Blast Gold today, which is 30% of the total allocation.
  • On average, Ascend participants who held a MetaStreet LCT will receive around 10 Gold per LCT, with certain users receiving more Gold if they held for longer or supplied LP.

Blast Gold: Blast Activity Distribution

Blast Gold from Blast activities will be distributed to anyone who held MetaStreet’s Liquid Credit Token (LCTs) on Blast. LCTs acquired through swaps and/or bridging via MetaStreet count.

The amount of Gold you receive will be based on how much of the LCT you held or supplied to LP from March 1-31.

  • If you bridged or purchased during the first week we went live, for Punks20/40 (Mar 1-7) or Pudgy5/10 (Mar 12-19), you will have received a 25% bonus Gold allocation.

Ascend participants who provided liquidity to our ecosystem partners (e.g. Thruster, Particle, Wasabi, and Hyperlock won’t be forgotten either.

  • If you used your LCT to supply LP, you will have received a 25% bonus Gold allocation.

MetaStreet will be distributing the Blast Gold directly to all qualified participants, and the Blast Gold will soon be available for viewing on the Ascend dashboard.

Blast Gold: What To Do If You Missed Out

If you’re worried you missed the snapshot date, or realized you swapped or sold your LCT too early, here are quick tips on what you need to do.

Also, MetaStreet still has yet to distribute 70% of the Blast Gold it has received (plus future distributions), so there are plenty more opportunities! Moving forward, you can:

  • Hold any MetaStreet LCT on the Blast network, or if you want to gain an extra boost in Gold, LP a balanced LCT and WETH position on Thruster or deposit the LP in Particle or Hyperlock.
  • Future snapshot dates will be random to ensure fairness - anyone who holds for the entirety of a future snapshot period will get a 25% Blast Gold bonus allocation.

Blast Gold: Final Thoughts

LCTs have been giving holders high yields ranging from 10-26% through staking yields and NFT loans as well as MetaStreet Ascend XP. Now, holders will get even more rewards through Blast — making LCTs one of the most rewarding assets to hold. Get the most out of your LCTs by holding, trading, or leveraging them. We’ve created an in-depth guide that covers our Ascend XP and Points Stacking system more. You can read all about it here.

Should there be any comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on X or Discord.